Dating campagnolo chainrings

13-Dec-2017 08:50

Herse mounted his chainrings to a larger spider instead of a flange.Campagnolo's racing credentials go back to the 1920s.

Of course, all this assumes the bike has the original component.As their name implied, these cranks were strong and light. The chainring attached to a small flange on the right crankarm, as was common among cranks at the time.If you ran two or more chainrings, the additional chainrings attached to the big ring with bolts, nuts and spacers.Chain slack was taken up by ratcheting the rear axle forwards or backwards in the toothed droupout. Above, left to right: Record 1963, Gran Sport 1955, Gran Sport 1952. Above (3 fotos): In 1983 Tullio Campagnolo died, and the 50th Anniversary Group was released.

The parallelogram which revolutionized gear changing. Above (4 fotos): in 1987 Cinelli offered a special edition, called the Golden Black, featuring extensively re-worked Super Record components.

Record and Super Record are the top groupsets, followed by Chorus, Athena, Centaur and Veloce.