Low self esteem dating

20-Sep-2017 02:28

The problem is that people with low esteem find it impossible to accept that they are attractive enough to be desried and thus even before they have considered the possibility of a date, they are ready to say ‘no’.So give your partner enough time to let them play out the possibility of a date in their minds, instead of rushing them into an unexpected situation.When I was younger, I would date guys who had nothing but bad intentions for me but I didn’t want to believe it.It was better to have someone who was only around sometimes than to not have anyone at all.You are dating this guy or girl who seems to be wonderful on so many counts but simply unable to realize it him/herself.He/she is good looking, has a nice job and interesting hobbies and yet may suffer from a crippling sense of low self-esteem.

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If you can’t believe you’re good enough, how can you believe a loving partner could choose you?My own low self-esteem came from being bullied and never having a relationship throughout my teenage and young adult years.