Rihanna and jay z dating rumors

05-Sep-2017 18:48

One story making the rounds revolves around the claim that a former publicist started leaking stories about Rihanna and Jay Z having an affair back in 2005 for publicity.

In 2005 they appeared virtually inseparable, hand-in-hand at every public event they attended.

And in January 2006 Beyoncé told Cosmopolitan she had started 'thinking about what kind of wedding I’d want'.

The author spoke to several individuals who are close to Beyoncé, and claimed he has heard from eyewitnesses that the Drunk In Love singer told Jay he could not attend Rihanna's after party at the Met Gala.

She said no , but did anyone see the Grammy's . But when Rihanna came out under Def Jam a couple of years ago.

Beyonce and Jay-Z where broke up, I think she was fooling around with him then .Rihanna and Jay-Z are getting much closer, much to the displeasure of Beyonce.